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Poem of the month
In 2011, a lady from upstate New York
e-mailed me a request. She wanted to know
if I had ever written a poem about an
alcoholic going to heaven, since they had
already spent their time in hell.
Also new in December...
A different type of Christmas poem... one written by a man who was once homeless and addicted to
alcohol and drugs. So grateful for a second chance at life...

No matter what happens in my life, this time of the year helps me remember where I came from.  A
dysfunctional childhood to a dysfunctional life.  All of it revolving around alcohol.  To finally accept my
alcoholism and to start a new life... a life without alcohol.

What all has happen since September 15th and a video where most of it took place.  
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Find out more about synthetic weed side effects and other drug side effects.
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Amazing Grace...

Abut two months before I was diagnosed with having heart
problems, I went to a class to learn how to play the Native
American Flute.

I played it everyday for a month and a half, then when I got
sick, the flute was put down.  I'm looking forward to picking it
up again and trying to learn how to make it "speak."

One of the last times I played it was at a local park at sunset.  I
was playing for the birds.  Some seemed in different to it, while
others seemed to bounce along to the beat.  One thing I
wasn't expecting was for two rabbits to come out of hiding and
really enjoy playing as I serenaded them.

The video was made after a couple of weeks of practice.  
Don't laugh!  I'm still learning and most importantly still
Around the block...
- A look at the 28 Laws of the Universe
- There are noticeable differences between religion and spirituality,
yet there are also similarities between the
12 Steps and the Bible.

NLP & Hypnotism...
- Eight simple words have a negative power to change our behaviors
from healthy to unhealthy.
The Power of the Circle is a powerful spiritual belief of Native
Americans and also in NLP.

Inner Child...
- We learned about Humiliation as a child and wear it as an adult.
- Videos made of the
ACOA Promises.

- The two videos for the critically acclaimed poem I'm Tired.
-  Being Swallowed Alive in codependency.
The 11th Tradition
12 The CD
Purple Power CD
Pass It On Award
site of the month
Five EKG's.  Four chest x-rays.  Two
cardioversions.  Three hospital stays
totaling 23 days.  Two hours on a ventilator.
 Five units of blood.  Lost count after 100 of
blood draws.
10 Years
Article of the month      
England!!!  My winter wonderland since
2010.  It has been the perfect escape for a
year of hard work or a year filled with pain.  
And this year, total gratitude for a chance to
make this trip.
20 years sober
Happy Holidays
Christmas in England
Heaven awaits
facing death
Reflection of Life