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It's Spring Time... It's Relay For Life Time

Our Heroes originally was written for the Gage County (NE)
Relay For Life
event.  It was read at the start of the event by
yours truly.

Later, it became part of the CD entitled
Purple Power.

The CD was created as a fund-raising tool for various cancer

Recently, the production and distribution of the CD was given to
CD Baby.

With this change, the price of the CD will increase.  I still have an
ample supply in my possession for sale for your event.

When these supplies sell out, this low price will never be seen
Around the block...
- A look at the 28 Laws of the Universe
- There are noticeable differences between religion and spirituality,
yet there are also similarities between the
12 Steps and the Bible.

NLP & Hypnotism...
- Eight simple words have a negative power to change our behaviors
from healthy to unhealthy.
The Power of the Circle is a powerful spiritual belief of Native
Americans and also in NLP.

Inner Child...
- We learned about Humiliation as a child and wear it as an adult.
- Videos made of the
ACOA Promises.

- The two videos for the critically acclaimed poem I'm Tired.
-  Being Swallowed Alive in codependency.
The 11th Tradition
12 The CD
Purple Power CD
10 Years
20 years sober
The Simple Store
What's New...
MP3's are now available for 12 and Purple Power.  You can buy single songs or the CD, more information can be found on the
music page.  Independent music producer CD Baby is now in charge of sales for these CD's.  Still the best deal for purchasing is
through this site.  Once the CD's are sold from this website the only way to get them will be through
CD Baby.  


We go back to the 12 Steps of ACOA.  This month the article and poem are about the Sixth Step, "Were entirely ready to have
God remove all these defects of character."


The photos that appear with the
poem, the rambles, and the classic were recently taken on a nature walk.  A walk with no paths,
loaded with deer and other wildlife.  In fact, the photo on the
ramblings page had five deer in it playing right before I took the

ramblings page shares the story behind these photos and the gift of life that God has given me.


Find out more about
synthetic weed side effects
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