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12... The CD for those in recovery...

Available as MP3's at CDBaby.  Order single songs or the whole CD, through the "juke box" below or by clicking here.  And for your entertainment, a
YouTube video of the song Another 24 Hours.  A song of reflection dealing with the 9th Step, performed by the wizard of the keyboards the late Alan

Coming soon after the new year, hard copy CD's will be available to purchase from this site...
Veterans Page...

The veterans page will no longer be updated, though everything that has
been posted on it, as well as what appears on
Dreaming With Dave, will
remain there and be archived.  And various writings on
Celebrating Life
will also remain in tact.
the news
Some new news and loads of old...

The news from over a decade on the web.  From
cancer events, to veteran affairs, to 12 Step
recovery.  See what the dreams have held...
12 Years of Dreams
The 11th Tradition
Radiation Mask
Do's & Don'ts of cancer
Cancer in England
Happy Holidays
Purple Power... The CD for cancer survivors and the memory of those who fought the fight...

The popular fund-raising CD is available for sale as singles or as the whole CD at CDBaby.  Hard copies of the CD will soon be available for sale from this
website, but until then you can order through the music player below or by
clicking here.

Emotional Scars has become the most popular song from this CD as its many meanings have touched many people throughout the world.