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As of November 7, 2015 The Dream Store will be closed until further notice.
There will be no books or CDs available for sale through this site.
MP3's are still available through
CD Baby.  Click here for more info...
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The jazz, blues, rock, ballet CD 12...

The CD is available on line through CD Baby.  Click here to order this amazing CD.  To learn more
about the music on this collector's item
click here.  The musician on this CD was jazz legend Alan
Haven.  Alan passed away on January 7, 2016.  This is his last recordings...

Right now MP3's are the only way to obtain this recording.  
CD Baby has a very limited supply of the
actual CD... hopefully by the end of March
Finding Dreams will once again have this CD for sale...

Former BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton did a podcast about Alan and another musician Brian Sharp,
both of these artists passed away in January.  If you'd like to listen to the podcast
click here.
What A Wonderful World...

Freedom comes when we make a list of the amends needed to correct the past.  We become free,
with everything we write down... we become exposed and we don't care because for the first time we
are free... skies of blue... trees of green...
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Step 8 of ACOA...

In my childhood mind (teenage years) I would constantly take money from my mum.  In reality, it
wasn't taking money – it was stealing money.  Anyway, I could justify it.  By stealing this money, mum
couldn’t go and buy booze.  Which kept her sober and kept her from getting beaten by dad.  
Perfectly logical reasoning right?
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Purple Power is here...

The CD that was created as a fund-raiser for cancer research is still
available.  Now available from
CD Baby as MP3 downloads.  CD Baby also
has a very limited supply of the original CD.

Hopefully by the end of March
Purple Power will once again be available
Finding Dreams.  

Click here for more info on this unique CD.
Rambling about a new home...

Speaking of shade, I have now experienced what it is like to live in similar conditions to the
land of the midnight sun.  England doesn’t have 24 hour a day sun but it has more than I have
ever witnessed.  It started about the middle of May and will last until the summer equinox on
the 20th of June.  By 3:30 in the morning, it is starting to get light out.  By 4:30, the sun is up
and nature is wide awake.  On work days, I usually get up about 5:45.  Now, I struggle to stay
asleep past 5 AM.  And at nights?  On work nights, I try to hit the sack by 9 PM – well the sun
is up past 10 PM.  My body don’t know if it is coming or going.  
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A Classic... Making A List...

Making A List is a poem written in 2012 dealing with the Eighth Step of AA.  It fits in just as well
with the Eighth Step of ACOA.  Also is the video for the son
The List, which was created from
the poem.  
click here to enjoy the experience
Veterans Page...

The veterans page will no longer be updated, though everything that has
been posted on it, as well as what appears on
Dreaming With Dave, will
remain there and be archived.  And various writings on
Celebrating Life will
also remain in tact.
the news
Some new news and loads of old...

The news from over a decade on the web.  From cancer events, to veteran affairs, to 12 Step
recovery.  See what the dreams have held...
Finding Dreams
Making a list
Making a list
Sunrise in England
Making A List