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The Promises!!! Nothing else needs to be said...

This month we start looking at The Promises of Debtors Anonymous.  To me, the joy and power of any 12 Step program comes when
The Promises start coming true.  The words inspire hope and the start of a new life.  Whenever your recovery is in doubt, read The
Promises... they will give you the strength to carry on.
Veterans Page...

The veterans page will no longer be updated,
though everything that has been posted on it,
as well as what appears on
Dreaming With
Dave, will remain there and be archived.  And
various writings on
Celebrating Life will also
remain in tact.
Some new news and loads of old...

The news from over a decade on the web.  
From cancer events, to veteran affairs, to 12
Step recovery.  See what the dreams have
the news
Spring time means enjoyment on the canals...

It's that time of the year.  Relay For Life time.  The poem Emotional Scars has seemed to touch the hearts of everyone who reads it
and hears it.  The thought that an emotional war can be compared to a physical war is something every cancer family can understand.
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Creating Dreams press releases...

Old press releases from various projects of
Creating Dreams can now be found at
Celebrating Life.
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US Rehab Network
Are you ready for a new you...

Alcohol, drug, and behavioral rehab.  Or do
you have a dual diagnosis?  The
US Rehab
Network can help you find treatment.  It is
national directory of sober treatment centers.
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