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Adult Children of Alcoholics
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2010 Creating Dreams looked at the promises of ACOA.  The poems written about these 12 promises were then turned into a
video, including a video about the promises in full...
The Promises of ACOA
The First Promise
Accepting A New Way
The Second Promise
Self-Esteem Through Love
The Third Promise
Hiding Under The Bed
The Fourth Promise
Discovering Intimacy
The Promises of Adult Children of Alcoholics
The Fifth Promise
No Longer My Weakness
The Sixth Promise
Leaving Rage for Peace
The Seventh Promise
I Want To Play
The Eighth Promise
Dreaming of Responsible Love
The Ninth Promise
Recovery Is A Choice
The Tenth Promise
Can You Hear That?
The Eleventh Promise
Spreading Our Wings
The Twelfth Promise
Please God
The Simple Store
Creating Dreams...
24 Hours
Promises of ACOA
12 Steps of ACOA
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