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Andrea Scherling
Goal and Purpose...

The ultimate goal of Celebrating Life, along with the blog Dreaming With Dave, and the Self-Growth website was to find homes
for all the writings of David Harm that appear on the web.  Until this creation, many of these writings were on pay-for-view sites
and as any writer will tell you, if you can get it for free, than do it, because as a wrter you don't make a lot of money.

Celebrating Life will also be the home for past newspaper articles and press releases about the products offered through the
Creating Dreams website
Hidden Pages...

Besides the pages shown above, there are other pages included in Celebrating Life.  One page is the page for cancer poetry
which can be found by going to the
cancer news page.

And while there are two tribute pages.  
Andrea's page stands along, while the other tribute page does have a link to Andrea.  
If you had the privilege of knowing Andrea she would want her page linked to everything, but I think she should have a page
all her own.
Celebrating Life

Having been on the internet for well over a decade Creating Dreams has grown to quite an enormous size.  It has become the
"mothership," to
Celebrating Life, as well as the Dreaming With Dave blog, and now a growing presence on the Self-Growth

To be able to find what has been written a sitemap was set-up on
Creating Dreams.  In recent years though, the written word
has also been met with the visual word by means of videos.  The
sitemap for these videos can be found right here at
Celebrating Life.
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