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“Dave Harm” is the vocal point of the design.  The oblong design framed in silver uses an orange-red base which joins with the
dark blue sky, creating the perfect symbol, for Harm’s website “Creating Dreams, from the nightmares of hell…”

The shirts come in all adult sizes up to XXL.  The shirts are available in women’s and men’s lightweight and heavy weight
cotton, as well as long sleeve men’s baseball shirts.

aahole.com changed ownership in 2008 and was taken over by
Serenity Happens who has plans of expanding the Dave Harm
line of shirts in the near future.

Creating Dreams with Purple Power

Dave Harm’s endeavor into the publication world has resulted in a new production company entitled Creating Dreams
Publications.  Its main objective is to create products that touch the soul, which is the main idea of Harm’s website

As a first project Harm has created a 12 song CD entitled Purple Power.  Purple being the color of cancer survivors at Relay
For Life events.

Dave Harm became involved in the cancer world when his wife Betty, was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in 2000.  
Recorded in Lincoln, Nebraska at  
Platinum Recording Studios the CD is a combination of 12 of his most popular poems on the
subject put to the reflective and spiritual music of Kevin MacLeod.

It will be released on December 22, 2007 throughout Southeast Nebraska.  And will also be available for sale through Harm’s

A portion of every sale will be donated to The American Cancer Society.  For more information on
Purple Power, please visit
Creating Dreams website.
Dave Harm shirts

A Tee-Shirt line

Purple Power
Purple Power CD
Creating Dreams website

Harm is a recovering alcoholic with over 16 years of sobriety.  He is the author of three books.  A trilogy which chronicles his
life.  The first book
Damaged Merchandise, shares his life after surrendering to alcoholism.  The second book War Zone, is a
prequel to
Damaged Merchandise and shares his struggles with his first two years of sobriety.  Finally, the prequel to War
is the third book Creating Dreams, which talks about his childhood and the insanity of growing up in an alcoholic home.

All of Harm's books will be available for sale at this event.
Recovery Walk

Recovery Walk
& Rally
Books of Dave Harm
Celebrating Life
The survivor CD -  
Purple Power can
also be purchased
as a MP3 -
The Recovery Walk & Rally

KHTV television in Little Rock, Arkansas has announced that Recovery Author Dave Harm will be the featured
speaker for the 5th annual
Recovery Walk and Rally.  The September 17th event will start at 9 AM and run
through till noon.

The annual event is sponsored by
Quapaw House and is listed on the SAMHSA Recovery Month website.  It
will be held at the Hot Springs, Arkansas airport.
Texas company takes notice of Harm's work.

Dave Harm continues to build an audience with his message of hopes and dreams at www.daveharm.com  
Every month in 2007, Harm has been showcasing a poem and an article on one of the 12 steps of AA.  Not
only have individuals expressed their appreciation for his efforts, but a commercial company has taken notice
of Harm’s work.

An internet AA/NA recovery store www.aahole.com based in Texas believes Dave Harm’s message is worthy
enough to be part of their merchandise line.  Not infringing on Harm’s copyright logo, aahole.com created a
design which will be featured on a new line of tee- shirts.
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