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Pass It On Award
To survive in recovery, I constantly need to "pass it on."  To freely give away what I have
learned, so ultimately, I'll receive more.  It is for this reason that I have created the award, just to
the right.

The sites listed below were found during my own searches.  These are just sites that I truly
enjoy. They are truly ambassadors of
Passing it On!

For those in recovery or on their own inner journey to spiritual fulfillment, these sites may just be
able to share their light with you.
2014 Monthly Recipients
February - Eric Wilinski's blog on Panic

Interesting stories with people who suffer from panic disorder.  The author of the blog has been dealing
with this disorder for over 25 years.
Manchester Airport
Dec '13 - Jan '14 - Manchester Airport

The last stop from a stress free holiday.  Back to the States started at the Manchester UK Airport.  I love
seeing the airport on my arrival, yet I hate to see it on my departure... but it's still part of my journey.
Previous Winners
March - Snowdrop

I can't say it enough how truly blessed I am to have this blogger on
Naked Daze.  Snowy gives a very
honest and personal blog with every new chapter.  This latest one is about God... and the question I
often ask, can a God of religion fit in with a spiritual program of 12 Steps?
Native Radio
April - Native Radio

I'm not ashamed to say that I love Native American history, spirituality, and music.  I take great pride in
being a part of the Cherokee Family.  Here is a site with spiritual music and old photos of a time when
Native Americans guarded the lands...
May - Drug Dangers

Prescription drug abuse causes the largest percentage of deaths from drug overdosing (Over 22,000 a
year). Part of the mission of this site is to spread awareness about drug abuse of prescription drugs. The
website offers free information of a range of drugs and medical products that can cause serious
addiction, injury, or even death.  
Drug Dangers
June - Daily Strength

Through my years on the web I've had the privilege of participating in various forums on a variety of
different subjects.  This site has everything in one site.  Have problems with alcohol?  There is a forum.  
Marriage?  There is a forum.  Finance?  Yes, a forum.  Anything... and I mean anything in life you can
find a forum for...
Daily Strength
July - The Quays

An amazing place in Manchester UK.  I left this photo larger so you can see the waters around
this English city.  On the left hand side, the building that looks like a triangle is the Imperial War
Museum.  Those bridges lift up to let freighters pass through.  My girlfriend and I stood by the
lower bridge waiting for it to lift to let a ship through.  It was stuck between both bridges.  Anyway,
The Quays (keys) are a beautiful romantic place for tourists as well as the citizens of the UK.
The Quays
August - UK Polling Report

One thing I truly enjoy is politics.  It really is an art to watch how politicians weave in and out of
situations, without really saying much.  Having found a love for England, I've become interested in
their political system.  2015, they will be having an election, with the main focus on the Prime
Minister results... this site gives all the latest polls.
UK Polling
Due to my recent health scare, for right now I will not be recognizing sites with The Passing It On award.

I will say though that this page did stop on a perfect link if you are a political junkie.  Right now the United Kingdom is preparing for
their election.  Check out the polls and how politics across the pond work...
The Simple Store
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