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Previous Recipients of the Passing It On Site of the Month Award

Sadly, through time, some sites are no longer active.  Links to these sites have been removed,
though the name of the site has remained...
2007 Recipients

September - Clean And Sober Not Dead   
October - First People   
November - Dick B.'s Website   
December- Beatrice Bakery  
2008 Recipients
January - The Recovery Emporium
February - Addiction Recovery Basics
March - Sobriety TV
April - Sober Social
May - Barefoot's World
June - Recovery Universe
July - Electoral Vote
August - Dryblog
September - Improve Our Conscious Contact
October - Life and Love TV
November - The Waiting Room
December - In Tune With Spirit
2009 Recipients

January - Serenity Found
February - Wolf Running With The Spirit Wind
March - Addiction Treatment Challenges
April - Debi Stenzel 1953-2006
May - Spiritual Knights
June - Sanewire
July -
August -
Take 12 Radio
September - Cry of the Spirit
October - Sober Teens Online
November - My Cancer and Me
December - Sober Inspirations
2010 Recipients

January - The Idler
February - All Spirit
March - Mike Purington & The Messengers
April - Courage To Change Club
May - Sober Sites
June - One Day At A Time
July - 11th Step Meditation
August - Big Book Sponsorship
September - Rum Radio
October - Recovering Anorexic
November - Dear God
December - Stinkin' Thinkin
2011 Recipients

January - Stockport UK Air Raid Shelter
February - DR in Dorchester
March - John Bradshaw
April - Sobriety Girl
May - In Civilian
June - Addicts Friend
July - Journey of Recovery
August - 1 S.O.U.L
September - Baghead Sponsors
October - Addicts Helping Addicts
November - Bottled Lightning
December - Treatment for addiction
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