More pages with poetry
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More pages with poetry
poem of the month     poems     dysfunctional poems
One of the saddest things to see is an abandoned pet.  Survival is all it knows.  It no longer trusts humans and its little soul knows
nothing but fear and terror.  The best thing that can happen to this harmless little creature is to be captured and put in a shelter.  
Overtime, we hope it will get adopted and find the love that God wishes for all His living things.
Leaving The Shelter

We spent many years hiding in our shelter
Strong walls were built to protect us
Not just from the enemies out there
But also the enemies deep within us

Then a miracle began to unfold
We made friends with our inner child
And we peaked out from our shelter
We saw the world for the first time

The grass was greener
The trees were taller
And the people… the people
They were alive… and we joined this circle of life

We grew in faith and courage
And we found the strength
To leave our shelter
And began to let others in

We learned to trust
And we saw the Love of God in others
Now it is our turn
To spread that Love

To share… what we had found
A life of dreams… a life of hope
A life of faith… in ourselves
And a life of trust… in our Higher Power
Creating Dreams...
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Leaving The Shelter