CD Cover
An Inspirational CD created
from the hope, strength, and courage of cancer
survivors everywhere

Combining the poetry of Dave Harm
with the music of
Kevin MacLeod
A warm welcome for Purple Power... with an awesome review

On the 12th of January, Purple Power had its official unveiling at the kick-off for the Gage County Relay For Life event.  Everyone
seemed excited by the idea and a few CDs found there way into new homes!

I recently received an e-mail from Corrine Koch of Beatrice, Nebraska who shared her thoughts after her first listening to the CD.

"I bought one of your Purple Power CDs on Saturday at the Relay kick off and just got done listening to it.  What a beautiful
CD!!  My husband was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins in Sept., 2001 and died in Oct., 2005. It was four years of fighting but
sadly, God needed him more.  When listening to the CD it brought tears just thinking about all we went through also.  The CD
expresses the fears, hopes, emotions,  etc., of all cancer patients and their families.  Thank you for putting all of them into
words.  The music added fit the emotion. What a beautiful combination.    I hope the CDs will sell, once people listen to it I
can't imagine them not selling.   I'm glad your wife is doing well and I pray that she continues to have good checkups."

All the publicity in the world, can't match a warm letter like this.  It is because of people like Corrine, that the dream of Purple Power
came to life.

Other comments; "Sounds like Mannheim," TR (has lost family members to cancer)
"Awesome! Can't wait to own one." SK (ACS employee)
"She sounds so natural."  RD speaking about Lisa reading the poem
Our Heroes
"Really good poems and excellent music." JP recording supervisor

I didn't mean for it to happen, but
Purple Power fits in well with the 2008 Relay For Life theme.
  • Celebrate - the CD is a celebration of life and the battles that many survivors continue to win.
  • Remember - it's because of those whose fight is over, that we have a reason to celebrate.  It was through their battle that
    doctors learned more.
  • Fight Back - we celebrate the victories with the survivors lap and we remember those no longer here all through the night.  And
    we will always fight back!
The Purple Power CD

The New Age, Jazz, Blues, and Contemporary music of Kevin MacLeod combined with a dozen of Dave Harm's poems on cancer
create a unique gift for the survivor and their family.  Spiritually uplifting.  An inspiration for anyone affected by cancer.

Listen to Harm read his poem
Day One to the tune Aitech.  This is Dave Harm's favorite poem.  He wrote it shortly after his wife was
diagnosed with breast cancer.  It has the distinction of being the only poem ever shown on the front page of the
Beatrice Daily-Sun
newspaper and it also appears in his book Damaged Merchandise.  Or listen to him read his most popular poem Relay For Survivors
to the song Shades of Spring.  This poem has been read throughout Southeast Nebraska at different Relay For Life events, as well
as parts of Canada.  In 2006, it appeared in a fund-raising book in Clio, Michigan.

12 original songs along with 12 poems written and read by Dave Harm, as well as survivor Betty Rohr.  The two other readers are a
child of a survivor and a young lady who has lost family members because of cancer.  Ranging in age from 17 to 50, the readers
symbolically show that cancer doesn't care how young or old you are, or whether you are a male or female.  Every CD is shrink
wrapped in a jewel case.  Total playing time is 40 minutes.
Celebrating Life
Frequently Asked Questions
Survivor music... Survivor Poetry...

Purple is the color of survivors at Relay For Life events around the country.  And watching survivors take that first lap is an
inspiration to everyone.  It is true power!  Hence the name -
Purple Power.

12 of my most moving and widely used poems are now available on a musical CD.  It is a wonderful tribute to any survivor you
may know.  And it makes a unique fund-raising tool in the fight against cancer.  Order yours today.  Below is one of the songs put
to a slide show.

Want some more information on
Purple Power? Here are two newspaper articles about the CD.  The first is from The Beatrice
Daily-Sun and the second is from The Fairbury Journal-News.

Now available for download
Purple Power is now available as MP3's for downloads.
You can purchase the whole CD or single compositions.
Click here for purchase

Now available
for download

Sold as whole CD
or single
Click here
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