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Last Updated 29 October 2018
In January I will have lived in England for three years.  It
has been an eye-opener in many ways.  First, was the
culture shock.  Yes, I had visited England for six years
before moving here, but there is a huge difference
between visiting some place and actually living there.  
The second, has been being able to look at my home
country from a distance.

What I read in the newspapers and see on TV are views
from the outside.  They are not home-grown views of
CBS, CNN, or FOX, with their left or right leaning views.  I
also read the views of friends on Facebook which
reinforces my belief that living in America right now is not
for me.

People who says with anger to vote Republican to keep
the fascist Democrats out of power.  Or those leaning the
other way saying to vote for Democrats to keep the
racists misogynistic Republicans out of power.  Nowhere
have I read to vote for “Candidate A” because he (or she)
wants to do this or stop the government from doing that.  
Nowhere have I read, heard, or seen anyone really
talking about the issues.
Some talk about immigrants coming to the country because a political power has given them money to organize and go
together by the thousands.  Others talk about a tax cut for the middle class… I thought we already had one of those?  And the
budget can be balanced by cutting Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.  Yet, no one actually sharing their views.  They
share blurbs found on Facebook.  It doesn’t matter if they are true or not, if it says what they believe then they’ll post it.  It does
matter if a Republican says it… or if a Democrat says it.

Behind it all is a nation that is falling apart.  Slowly, a civil war is starting and both sides are doing nothing to stop it.  
Republicans argue that the Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop progress.  An example was selecting Judge
Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, yet they remain silent about stopping Obama’s selection to the court.  Democrats were
frustrated when Republicans stopped their legislation yet they are doing the same thing now.

Republicans look up to Ronald Reagan as their icon.  Today Reagan couldn’t be a Republican.  He worked across party lines
and did raise taxes.  Democrats talk about John Kennedy and in his short time he worked with Republicans.  If any politician
tries to work with the other party they are labelled as a traitor and their time in office will be short.

Who is happy with all this anger and hatred?  The Russians.  They are laughing at us.  They have interfered in elections.  
They own politicians.  And soon they’ll own a country without firing one bullet.  America is killing itself.

Throughout my life I have heard many wonderful and powerful speeches.  One that hits on what is going on right now was
given at the Democratic National Convention by Senator Barack Obama.  He said, “We are not Red States or Blue States.  We
are the United States.”  Their is nothing united about America right now.  I do believe that this isn’t just worrisome for ex-pats
living abroad, but it is also concerning for western civilization throughout the world.
14 Years
We are the United States