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last updated on 21 July 2017
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What about the person who always complains about aches and pains.  They whine to whoever will listen, yet they don’t go to a
doctor.  Their excuse is they can’t miss work and don’t have the money to see a doctor.  So in the long run, if the aches and pains
are real, they end up missing work sooner or later because they’ll be to sick.  It won’t be for a day or two, probably a week, all
because they said they couldn’t afford to see a doctor.  Then comes the other point… why can’t they afford a doctor?  Yes, I know
doctors cost an arm and a leg in America, but if they are working, than they’ll have insurance to help with the cost.

What about the victim who is always looking for a job, yet is too busy to work?  They go to job interviews knowing they have no
chance of being hired.  They have no work experience, yet they seem to think they will fit in with upper management.  Then
someone mentions them to their boss for a lower level job and the person sits at home waiting for a phone call.  A phone call that
never comes because this victim believes management should follow through with the contact and all they have to do is wait for

These victims take course after course in different fields improving their resume’ yet they still have no work experience.  They take
course in computer graphics, art classes, psychology courses, and other odd things, yet they haven’t worked in ten years.  Why
not be real and apply for a job stocking shelves in a grocery store and show future employers that you can make it to work
everyday for a year?  It may not be the job you want, but it is a job.  It is a job that pays you for your work.  It is not a benefit from
the government for you to stay home and try and make people believe you are getting a job.
What does a provocative photo of a naked woman have to do
with being a victim?  Let’s face it, when you are a victim you are
exposed.  There are some, what I would call – real victims.  
People who are stalked are real victims, yet many of them don’t
like the title of being a victim.

The victims I have trouble with are the ones who make
themselves victims.  An example, a person who neglects his job
and eventually gets a good ass chewing from the boss.  They
feel like they’ve been abused, when in reality, they are lucky
they still have a job.  A butt chewing is still better than losing
your job.  And besides, if that person was doing their job would
they have been yelled at in the first place?
Nude Victim
Victim Card

I just shake my head at people who have everything planned… from having
their plans for how much money will be needed to travel back and forth to
work, but can’t take the time to actually fill out a job application.  I shake my
head at people who when they do fill out an application, they need to have
someone go to the interview with them.  It gives them an excuse for not getting
the job.  Forever they stay the victim.

What is truly comical is the person (this is a fact) that doesn’t have a job, yet
needs a house cleaner to do the dishes and wash their clothes because they
will be getting a job.

I apologize for the tone of this ramble, but it does piss me off how some
people love being a victim.  The last three years I have had major life
threatening medical issues, yet have only missed work for three months.  After
heart surgery, I cooked my own meals and washed my dishes and did my
laundry all by myself.  After cancer, I was walking a mile within two weeks and
washed dishes every night.  

Did I feel like doing these things?  Truth be told – NO.  Yet I needed to do them.  I needed to regain my strength and needed to find
my self-worth.  The other day I needed to get a taxi.  I knew the driver from previous trips and he made the comment how much I
have changed in the last three months.  He said I looked strong and healthy.
I refuse to be a victim.  I am more than cancer.  I am more than my heart disease.  I am a spiritual being living as a human being and
as such my existence can not and will not be a victim.