The Interview with God
Finally, an update on the books.  A physical proof that work on the books is moving forward.  Right now, the book Damaged
Merchandise, has been updated as an audio book.  The main reason for this was to be able to reread the book for the first time
in over a decade and to see how much has changed and what needs to be updated to speak for me as an alcoholic with 23
years sobriety, instead of one with 9 years sobriety.

I am hoping before spring really kicks off to have the second addition of
Damaged Merchandise available as an e-book and
possibly a paperback as well.  When this is done, work will begin on
War Zone.  That book, should be a little easier because it
deals with journals from that time.  The time being my first two years of sobriety, so nothing is going to change from it.  So in
theory, it should go a bit more smoothly than
Damaged Merchandise has been.

The hard part with all of this has been dealing with copyrights.  The first editions of all my books were done by a publisher.  I
signed a seven year contract with them and once that I was signed, I lost all my ability to have any say in the way it was
marketed or presented to the public.  

If you look around the internet you can find these books for sale.  Please read this carefully.  Please do not buy
them from any on-line outlet.  The fact is, no one has the right to sell my books anywhere, except for
Dreams, which is nearing the end of its contract.  It wouldn’t bother me if these illegal sales worked there way back
to me, but I don’t see a penny from any sale of those books.  I had a horrible publisher (PublishAmerica, now
known as America Star) and was ripped off.

I've been working on re-opening The Dream Store for sales from this site.  Those sales will be only for 1st edition books and the
two music CD's.  As was the case in America, this site will NOT be dealing with any of the financial transactions.  They will all be
done through
PayPal.  Which is why it has taken me awhile to re-open.  I tried using my account from America but it wouldn't
work, so I had to close that one down and re-open a new account from England.

If you would like the first edition of any of these books, this website will have them for sale in the very near future.  There will be  
free shipping in the United Kingdom for sales in England, Scotland, and Wales.  If you live in any other country, please e-mail
me and I’ll find out what it will cost to ship the books to you.  The same holds true for the CD’s.  

The sale of all of my products are to help with the upkeep and running of this site, as well as
Celebrating Life.  Besides being
used for upkeep of the site, some money goes into developing new books, or CD’s, to help keep the site alive and well.

Part of the reason I have waited so long on publishing a second edition is because of a bit of fear with this publisher.  I wanted
to make sure that whatever I did was legal and that they couldn’t sue me for anything.  What I have learned is that everything in
the book is mine – free to do with what I want.  What wasn’t mine was the cover.  So, the books will all have new covers.  Parts of
Damaged Merchandise will disappear, mainly because things in it are no longer a part of my life today.

Besides the books being updated, plans are being made for a CD entitled
Meditations, which will all be original creations of mine
using the Native American Flute.  Some of these creations will make their debut on the
Damaged Merchandise audio book.

And plans are also coming together for some NLP self-hypnosis tapes for improving ones spiritual centerness.  It is an exciting
time at Creating Dreams!
Creating Dreams...
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